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Creative and Smarter Solution providers and experts in various strategies, We strive to provide the perfect solution for your Business needs. If you are looking for a long term reliable software partners , its Precision who delivers the results


Software Development

For years we’ve been bringing custom and platform-based solutions, we are experts in Software Development, Software Customization and its Integration with local or any third party software of your choice


Applications Development

We bring the peace of mind & reliability for our customerthe flexibility & cost benefit as we have development center Peshawar. Our relationship with our clients is built on mutual trust, respect and benefit, deliver Business Solutions.


Our Features

We are expert in following categories

Business Planning

Create and customize summarizing and comprehensive dashboards through the Key Performance Indicators suitable for your business and get the fruits of Precise Tech decision making and business intelligence.


Automate end to end procurement process through our Procurement Management System. Establish a fundamental business requirement based on which the procurement solution would be provided. Develop a suitable procurement strategy by researching the market and potential suppliers.

Production Management

Build, analyze and manage your production plans. Align the production process with the available resources and forecast the availability and requirement of the resources for future. Manage, monitor and control the production sites by getting insights on working hours, production timelines, quality, production yields etc.

Financial Planning

Produce comprehensive reports based on vast variety of financial parameters like material expenses, labour expenses, production costs, profits and loss margins, revenues in-minutes etc. Automate the reconciliation process and manage accounts. Monitor cash flows and create balance sheets effectively.

Inventory Management

Automate your inventory process through our comprehensive and easy to use Inventory Management System. Track day to day inventory transactions, update inventory, get insights on high demand product sales or recurring transactions, track detailed product information and manage the delivery process as a whole.

Human Resources

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Technologies Expertise

For years we’ve been bringing custom and platform-based solutions to midsized and large companies in Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Financial, Logistics Services and other industries Our technology expertise empowers us to deliver software development services and solutions, which ensures improvement in business efficiency, increased ROI, cost-effectiveness and project risk mitigation. Precise Tech has successfully helped our clients build their software products on time and on budget. Our teams have vast experience across industries, technology platforms and solutions, delivering expertise throughout the whole product life cycle.


How We Work

The most complete solutions provider, ever!

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About Us

Powering multiple industries throughout decades, we have developed the art of tailoring software products that help better match business needs with end-customer demand.We give our clients the winning edge through constant innovation!

Who We Are

Enterprise Applications Development MRP II best practices, from Financial, Human Resources Management to Procurement and Order processing, we deliver Business Solutions boost operational efficiency

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